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Our approach is aimed at small to medium sized businesses who probably don't have a full time team to work on their computer support, website marketing, bespoke software, training and security.

As individuals we have provided these services in all kinds of organisations and are now working together specialising in smaller businesses because they typically don't have such people on staff and therefore we can be a cost effective outsource.

No Fix No Fee

If the engineer who comes doesn't have the technical knowledge or skill needed to solve the problem then there is no charge.

If the engineer could carry out a fix but is prevented from doing so for one of the following reasons then a charge will still be made;

How to get Service

If you need help as soon as possible call us now. If you want some kind of help next week you can still call us or use the email form on the contact page.


For troubleshooting support type work there is no call-out charge. We have a minimum charge of £40 which covers the first hour. If the engineer completes the job before that he will offer to do a health check on other machines or perform some other task. Thereafter we charge to the nearest half hour at the rate of £20 per half hour. If parts are needed they will obviously be charged for but there are no other charges.

Our prices might not be the cheapest as we compete on service rather than price. Our motto is the same as Red Adair (the man whose company put out the oil well fires in Kuwait in 1991) "If you think professionals are expensive try working with amateurs".

Pricing for websites, software and other projects is negotiable.

Insurance work

We are happy to carry out any kind of insurance work as long as it is paid for when the work is completed. We cannot complete work and then wait for payment when the insurance company pays you.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a fire or other kind of disaster and need help recovering data we will do our very best for you but cannot guarantee to recover data from media that has been subject to such a disaster.

What to expect from us

Our engineers are professionals who get the job done as fast as possible and who communicate in plain English. You can expect them to be courteous, professional and maybe even friendly!

How to pay

We accept cash, cheque with guarantee card or secure online payment using a credit card or Paypal.